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Personal Injury

“Attorney James Smith helped get me a $1 Million settlement when I was in a motorcycle accident while I was in the United States. He helped me get through a foreign legal and medical bureaucracy so that I could have peace of mind until I returned home to the Czech Republic.” - Mirek Rumler, Czech Republic

9 Important Steps to Take When Involved in an Accident

  1. Do not discuss your case with anyone!
  2. Call or text my hot line 702-460-3765 – immediately!
  3. Take Notes at the Scene –you’ll forget details later.
  4. Take photos
  5. ALWAYS file a police report!
  6. Get to a doctor!
  7. Be very careful and say little when discussing your case with:
    1. the police officer
    2. the other party
    3. the other party’s insurance company
    4. have your attorney present when giving a statement to your adjuster
    5. speak to your own insurance company in privacy only
    6. Don’t try to guess at ANY answer.
  8. Say only what you know for certain!

Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

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Were you just involved in an accident?

If so, you’re about to make one of the most important and most personal decisions you’ve ever made in your life.


Which personal injury attorney you choose can make a huge difference for you and your family.

Choose a personal injury attorney who will take the time to get to know you personally.

One who sees the real person in you, not just another impersonal accident victim.


How should YOU choose?
Should you give away your personal injury settlement to a large impersonal law firm where you never get to talk to your attorney after the first meeting? (and where the receptionist never remembers your name or who you are?)

Team up directly with a caring, sole practitioner personal injury lawyer who:

  • talks to you directly each time you call
  • recognizes your name and knows what your case is about
  • actually DOES care about your well-being and the outcome of your case as much as you do

Expect the Following Special Assistance when you Retain me as your Personal Injury Attorney:

  • Rental Car Arrangement at Special Rate
  • Personal Injury Settlement Loan
  • Housing Voucher from Social Security or Medicaid
  • Disability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Social Services
  • Formal Demand that Defendant or Insurance Company Preserve all Evidence
  • Safeguard all physical evidence
  • Document, Photograph and Videotape the Scene of the Accident
  • Obtain all police and/or incident reports


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