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"Thank you. You’ve been a big help and while it’s been a trying time, I’m very satisfied with everything you did. Thanks again." - W. H. California

Are You Eligible for a Nevada Annulment?

  • No residency required if you were married in Nevada.
  • If you were married outside Nevada, you may also file a Nevada annulment provided you establish residency prior to filing.
  • Members of the military who are Nevada residents, but are stationed elsewhere can also file in Nevada whether or not they were married here.

Call me at 702-562-4209. I can tell you quickly if you have a valid reason for a Nevada annulment.  

What to Expect

What to Expect When You Retain Me for a Nevada Annulment
I have 25+ years of experience with annulments. I’m very familiar with the ins-and-outs of Family Court in Nevada
“I act quickly to protect your rights and your property if any of it is in jeopardy. Your annulment case gets filed very quickly once I have all I need from you to do so” – J.S.


  • The first thing to do is for us to establish your eligibility, and I can help you with that. Send me a message or call me at 702.562.4209
  • You’ll receive a prompt response with valid reasons explained in plain language and we’ll strategize the best way to handle your case.
  • I’ll email the annulment documents you need to sign to you. Clear instructions for you and your notary will be included.
  • The documents must be signed in front of a notary — either in your state or country of residence, or at my office if you are in Las Vegas.
  • Once I have the original signed and notarized documents in hand, I will sign the pleadings and file your Nevada annulment at court.
  • We get a decision from the judge, on average, two weeks after filing (when both parties sign).
  • If your spouse does not sign the annulment documents and does not file an Answer after being personally served, the judge will make a decision within an average of 12-16 weeks.
  • If your spouse does not sign the annulment documents and cannot be found to be personally served, publication will have to occur. In this case, it could take up to 25 weeks for your annulment to be granted.


Retainer and Fees

Package Includes

  • When Both Parties Agree to Sign: $1500 Retainer - Billed at $350 per hour
  • When Only One Party Signs the Annulment, Custody or Divorce Documents: $3000 Retainer - Billed at $350 per hour
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