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Nevada Corporate Law

"You can shield yourself from lawsuits and creditors by forming a Nevada corporation. I have 25 years of experience forming corporations in Nevada." - James E. Smith

Advantages of a Nevada Corporation:

All of us pay a lot of money for all kinds of insurance. Liability, fire, flood, medical, homeowner’s, car, boat, life, disability, theft and employer group insurance are all benefits which we pay for. Insurance law can be complicated.


If you have a dispute with an insurance company of course you can talk to your insurance agent, but you should probably speak to your own attorney too. Insurance companies are businesses even though they serve a public purpose of covering losses which occur by other people, by nature, or unforeseen circumstances


An insurance policy is a contract with definitions, exclusions, and limitations which you most likely have no choice but to accept on the insurance company’s terms and conditions. Often the insurance company tries to avoid paying your claim by invoking the language of the policy to deny you your claim.


Claims adjusters are told to pay you only if they have to pay and to pay no more than the company has to pay you. Also, if someone makes a claim against you, the insurance company has a duty to defend you and pay the claim by the third party if it is legitimate and to not expose you financially to a lawsuit judgment.

Additional Advantages of a Corporation

  • Stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in Nevada, or even be U.S. Citizens.
  • Directors need not be Stockholders
  • Officers and directors of a Nevada corporation can be protected from personal liability for lawful acts of the corporation.
  • Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock.
  • Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.

Additional Corporate Services

Nevada Incorporation Package


Package Includes

  • Articles of Incorporation OR
  • Articles of Organization for an LLC
  • First Year Resident Agent Services ($250 value)
  • First Year Annual List of Officers or Members ($200 value)
  • All Attorney Services Related to Filing a New Corporation or LLC
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  • 24 hour Incorporation: $250 additional
  • Resident Agent fee: $250
    NOTE: a resident agent is mandatory if none of the officers reside in Nevada). This fee is due yearly at the same time as the filing of the Annual List of Officers. I do provide this service.
  • Nominee Positions: $250 per year. This fee is due upfront for new corporations, and at the same time as the filing of the Annual List of Officers each. James Smith will recommend nominee officers but will not be the nominee officer himself.
  • Obtaining your required State of Nevada business license: $200.00 for an LLC and $500 for a corporation.
  • State of Nevada Requirements for all businesses incorporated in Nevada:
    • State of Nevada Business license
    • City of Las Vegas OR Clark County business license
    • Nevada Address for your Nevada Corporation


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