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Are you filing a divorce in Nevada?

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  • Were you served with a Complaint for Divorce from a Nevada court? You MUST file an Answer and Counter Claim within 21 days. If no Answer is filed by you, the Defendant may file a Default and your divorce could be granted without your involvement.
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There are four ways in which you can file a Nevada divorce in Nevada District Court:

1) Joint Petition: provided both parties agree to sign divorce documents, this is the simplest way to obtain a divorce in Nevada. Your Nevada divorce can be obtained in as little as one week when a Joint Petition is used (to obtain it this quickly, however, youdivorce with children might have to appear in court). Cost: $1000 with no children; $1250 with children

2) Complaint for Divorce: one party files for the divorce (the Plaintiff), and serves the other party (the Defendant) with the Complaint for Divorce and a Summons. Uncontested: $1500 Contested: retainer of $3000 billed at $300 per hour.

In this case, the second party may ignore the service and do nothing: this is taken by the court to mean that the Defendant does not object to the divorce. In this case, a default can be filed with the court 21 days after the date of service.

Once the default is granted, your Decree of Divorce can be submitted with request for the judge to grant your divorce.

3) If the Defendant files an Answer to the Complaint for Divorce, a hearing generally becomes necessary.

4) When you cannot locate your spouse:

If you cannot locate your spouse, you may still obtain a divorce in Nevada through a default process. This involves either serving your spouse with a Divorce Complaint and Summons at their last known address or following a publication process.

The court’s permission is required in both cases if your spouse lives out of state. If your spouse lives in Nevada, no special permission is required for us to serve him or her with the Complaint for Divorce and Summons.

If your spouse’s last known address is in Nevada, but cannot be located, an order from the Court is necessary to publish the summons.

Once your spouse has been properly served either in person or by publication, a default may be entered 21 days after the date of service or last date of publication.

If the default is granted, your Decree of Divorce can be submitted with request for the judge to grant your divorce.

Other ways I can help you dissolve a marriage.

You might qualify for a Nevada Annulment if you were married in Nevada recently.

If you know for certain that your divorce will be uncontested, visit NevadaDivorce.org to save money. It will still be me representing you, but you will pay a flat fee instead of an hourly fee.